Horizons is not an Agency…
It is a Family!

Horizons is not an Agency… it is a Family! We are reunited by a common passion and drive to serve our community and inspired by our youth whose strength and resilience serve as a model for our own growth. Collaboration and partnership form the crux of the services we offer, with each staff bringing a unique and crucial experience to the table. Our Staff Family is our everyday heroes and soldiers; fighting on the frontlines against an ongoing battle to bring about positive change in the lives of the youth and families we serve.

We are a Family of dedicated, resourceful, and unwavering professionals; humbled and honored by the sacred privilege to serve our community. And like a Family, we support each other in our challenges and successes, we break bread together, laugh together, and cry together in depths and the beauty of the work to which we have given our lives. We are family!

Meet Our Family

Celina Lucero

Executive Director
(415) 487-6717


Dr. Annette Mosqueda Goldman

Interim Program Director · Treatment & Gender Specific
(415) 487-6702

Nancy Abdul-Shakur

Program Director · Employment & Prevention
(415) 487-6714

Debra Camarillo

Clinical Director
(415) 487-6701

Carlos Aguilar (DJ Quest)

DJ Project Instructor


Lynette Akiona

Senior Substance Abuse Counselor
(415) 487-6713

Alejandra Barcena

Senior Program Coordinator · Jovenes Education & Empowerment Program
(415) 487-6701

Andre Brooks

LCR Counselor
(415) 487-6740

Noe Cervantes

Senior Program Coordinator · DJ Project
(415) 487-6741

Erin Rose Cruz

Program Coordinator · MYEEP
(415) 487-6708


Christian Cuadrado

Principal Program Coordinator · DJ Project
(415) 487-6703

Reggie Edmonds

Academic Resource Specialist · LifeWorks
(415) 487-6136

Gabriela Espinoza

Mental Health Case Manager · Roadmap to Peace
(415) 487-6730


Vilma Herrera

Senior Program Assistant
(415) 487-6709

Christopher James

Senior Program Assistant
(415) 487-6700

Angelique Kennedy

Program Coordinator · Females Against Violence
(415) 487-6106

Phyllis Lozano

Finance Manager
(415) 487-6718


Suzanne Martin

Outreach and Engagement
(415) 487-6742

Grisell Prado-Luna

Mental Health Case Manager · Jovenes Education & Empowerment Program/ReSet
(415) 487-6738

Hector Ramos

Site Coordinator · Strengthening Families Program
(415) 487-6707


Donna Saffioti-Johnson

Program Manager · Prevention
(415) 487-6710


Berlin Sanchez

Senior Program Coordinator · Lifeworks
(415) 487-6715

Priscilla Santamaria

Program Specialist · Tobacco Free Project
(415) 487-8001

Valeria Varela-Romo

Program Coordinator · Females Against Violence
(415) 487-6706

Travis Sneed

Intern for Outpatient Treatrment
(415) 487-6722


Selso Silva



Meet Our Board of Directors

Matthew Moretti

Board Chair

Virginia Tapia

Board Treasurer


Donna Amador

Board Member

Cristina Corona

Board Member

Zachary Johnson

Board Member

Isabelle Plessis Boin

Board Member


Salvador Serrano

Board Member

Jillian Williams

Board Member

Meet Our Community Ambassador

Michele Almodobar

Community Ambassador